19 May 2016

Utopia Boom Landing 18th – 21st August

A small open air that channels the vibe of Boom into a takeaway message, into something that prepares and inspires you for your return to everyday life.

An afterparty wouldn’t be the right thing for Boom. Why? Because the term ‘party’ implies something that is basically just another dose of dancefloor action. Of course that’s one important aspect of Boom – but there’s so much more. The most important is how we integrate all that we got from the Boom experience when we go back to “ordinary” reality. That’s the idea behind the Utopia Boom Landing.
If Boom is a tree, the Utopia is one of its branches. In terms of setting it is the natural reverse of Boom: The Utopia is in the mountains, the fresh breeze and the mild winds are the opposite of the hot temperatures we all feel at Boomland. It is a magnificent way to refresh the mind, the body and the soul after the Boom.

The Boom Landing will have two music areas and several well-being and healing hubs. To create an intimate family vibe, it’s much smaller than Boom, it is limited to 3.333 people. It is also exclusive to Boom ticket holders.
To re-calibrate the biological rhythm of the human body, the music of the Landing Area focuses more in sync with the daylight hours. To make the integration of new experiences and ideas into everyday life easier, the music program is complemented by extensive spiritual and intellectual practice, talks, healing rituals, meditations, therapies and other activities that support the process of transformation and integration of the Boom experience.

A nice mix of electronic and acoustic music on 2 floors, a great variety of workshops and lectures, a focus on awareness, well-being and therapies… The future of this planet is in our hands, so let’s get ready for an utopia come true!