After spending many lifetimes meditating in high caves in the deepest reaches of the Himalaya and above, Sadhu Sensi has come down from the mountains to bless the land and raise consciousness through the powerful medium of music. Having played many of the top festivals and collaborated with distinguished artists, the Sadhu’s sound is a progressive evolution of dub, downtempo, psy-ambient blues, experimental house, electronica and techno.

Solo artist

Solo Artist

Andrew Winer has been performing and producing as Sadhu Sensi since 2007 breaking through barriers with an eclectic mix of chill out and upbeat tempos blending organic live instrumentation with analog and digital electronic soundscapes.

‘The White Microphone’ EP released in 2009 sparked off continued festival performances and collaborations with top artists leading up to the release of his first full-length album ‘Owl Medicine’ in 2014, which featured a track with Alice Phoebe Lou. Swiftly following up in 2015 with his second album ‘Tales of the Red Cat’ expanding a sound filled journey into a tribal mix of soul-filled guitar, electronic beats and conscious uplifting rhythms of nature.


Musician DJ

DJ & Musician

The Sadhu’s love for the sonic experience started with guitar and keyboard at a young novice age. By 16, he was DJing in nightclubs expounding his varied musical interests between house, drum n bass, chill out, dub, techno and trance.

Expanding his musical reach into live band performances, the Sadhu played keyboard for the reggae band, 7th Son, followed by the live electronic dub duo 7ft Soundsystem. The next project saw Sadhu playing bass and producing tracks in folk rock band Two Minute Puzzle performing on top festival stages in South Africa and releasing the album titled ‘River’ in 2011.

Currently Sadhu Sensi performs live DJ sets while focussing on producing and further developing his own eclectic sound.


Artists and band collaborations
7th Son

7th Son

As one of the founding members of the band 7th Son, Sadhu played keyboards for the ska/rock/reggae outfit from 2002 until 2008, creating two albums ‘Suburban Dub’ and ‘Fire in the Rain’ which lead to national tours, festival performances and music videos.


7ft soundsystem

7ft Soundsystem

Sadhu co-produced the debut album ‘God Shuffles His Beat’ which featured many top vocalist such as Zolani Mahola from the band Freshly Ground and performed in top festivals playing samples and effect as electronic dub duo from 2009 until 2011, receiving significant radio play.


Two Minute Puzzle

Two Minute Puzzle

Co-founder of the indie folk band with Pat McCay, Sadhu recorded and produced an EP and the debut album ‘River’ featuring a track with Jeremy Loops. As band member and producer, Sadhu played bass and performed as part of the 3 piece band from 2010 until 2012 on national tours and top festival performances.

Sadhu Sensi & Invizable

Sadhu & Invizable

Together with DJ Invizable, part of the afro funk band Gazelle, Sadhu wrote and produced an EP which was launched with ONABREAK records in 2013.




With singer and song-writer, Donny Truter, Sadhu Recorded and produced the EP ‘Consulting with Crows’ and further collaborations on single tracks, production and score writing.


The Ghost Quotes

The Ghost Quotes

As half of dark nu-blues/electrontica collaboration with Taleswapper’s Donny Truter, Sadhu co-wrote and produced ‘Swamp Machines’ EP in 2014 and produced the score for the International film documentary called ‘Wood for the Trees’ – a Gumball3000 production.