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Mystic Sun Album
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Mystic Sun Album
  1. Mystic Sun // Mystic Sun
  2. Afterburn // Mystic Sun
  3. Native Warrior // Mystic Sun
  4. Samsara ft. Jerry Silverman // Mystic Sun
  5. Illuminated Self // Mystic Sun
  6. Wachuma // Mystic Sun
  7. Dirty Ranger // Mystic Sun
  8. Solar Moon // Mystic Sun
  9. Electric Wind // Mystic Sun
Sonic Sandsicon-downloadicon-download
  1. Sangoma Safari ft. Bloem // Sonic Sands
  2. Window Gorge // Sonic Sands
  3. Maca Monkey // Sonic Sands
  4. Crystal Eagle // Sonic Sands
  5. Galactic Earth // Sonic Sands
Return to Dust EP Album November 2016
Return to Dusticon-downloadicon-download
Return to Dust EP Album November 2016
  1. Curandero // Return to Dust
  2. Disco Dub // Return to Dust
  3. Battery // Return to Dust
  4. Original Language // Return to Dust
  5. Never Forget // Return to Dust
Sadhu Sensi

Music Producer, Musician, DJ

Playing guitar, bass and keyboard from an early age, Sadhu’s love for music developed into an appreciation for electronica which he now combines to form an eclectic and unique sound ranging from dub to down-tempo, psy-ambient blues to experimental house, electronica and techno.

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About Sadhu Sensi

About Sadhu Sensi

As a music producer, musician and live DJ artist based in Cape Town, South Africa, the Sadhu has been in the music industry for over a decade playing on the biggest stages, touring extensively and forming bands and collaborations with top musicians.

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Musical Score for film

Musical score for Gumball 3000 documentary called “Wood for the Trees” directed by Peter Hamblin with Donny Truter on vocals.

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Sadhu Sensi at AfrikaBurn

Watch Sadhu Sensi perform sunset at AfrikaBurn 2014, a regional Burning Man event that takes place in South Africa.

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Live DJ Sets & Events

Watch a snippet from Sadhu Sensi playing a Live DJ set at Bazique Festival 2018 in South Africa.

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