15 November 2015
stanford boogie

Stanford Boogie

PLAYING 17:00 – 18:30 SATURDAY

There used to be a time where outdoor raves consisted of smaller intimate gatherings. These days are long gone as the commercialisation of parties has made them too mainstream for some of us to handle as is the need to cater for the thousands of face-munching party-goers. This is the purpose of the annual Stanford Boogie- to provide us and our friends a space where we can experience what it is like to party in an intimate environment once again… And those who were at the last one will know what we are talking about.

Pre-sold Ticket sales close at 17:00 on Friday the 27th of November. Only a limited number of tickets will be available at the gate for R200.

*Please make sure you contact us before you leave Cape Town to make sure there are still available.

Get your ticket from Quicket (Link in the Description) or from one of the organisers.

Tickets will be sold at R150 each and we are limited to selling ONLY 250 tickets.

Tickets can be bought from any of the hosts, via EFT (Contact Benji) or from Quicket:

If you think that you will be buying a ticket, please let us know as we really need to know how many of you are actually keen to throw it down.

Ticket Sellers:
Daniel Fine (Constantia)
Benji Lewis (Rondebosch)
Byron Kaplan (Milnerton)
Jaryd Cohen (Claremont)
Nic Eve (Noordhoek)
Ryan Frame (Green Point)
Daniel Wulfsohn (Green Point)
Glen Marks (Cape Town)
Aaron Jaffe (Cape Town)

~~~~~~The Key~~~~~~
Before we start wetting your minds with what we have planned, there is an extremely important thing that you all need to know about this party.

The key to the success of this years event is that is that we need your commitment to making it as good as it can be. Each and everyone invited has been carefully selected to be party to this experience. The organizers of this party are your FRIENDS, and we want to throw this party for YOU.

This means that the size of the party is determined by YOU. Our calcuations suggest that optimal size for everyone to meet and share a dance is about 250 people. This means we have capped the size at that.

Now that this has been cleared up please feel free to ask us anything. If you wish to invite friends you may do so. Since we trust you are cool to know who is cool.

~~~~~~The Farm~~~~~~
We are returning to the epic River’s End Farm in Stanford. As you can see, this is one of the most beautiful venue’s in the Western Cape situated on the tributary of a river with it very own lagoon to swim in.

The venue will be opening on Saturday the 28th of November, so arrive early, set-up your camp, and enjoy the sunshine. Music will be starting at 10am on the Saturday and will only stop, on Sunday at 4pm. Some light stretching may be required.

~~~~~~The Music~~~~~~
Like all the best things are. It’s a surprise. Something we all have a passion for. The organisers of the event like to believe we share the same fine taste in music and hope that you will entrust us with that. What we will tell you is that its an eclectic mix of all kinds of electronic and psychedelic music spanning different genres and decades.

Sadhu Sensi
Dane Stirrat
Geometric Flux
Pitch Black
Smiley J
3/4 Tom
Taming Strange
Resselsss vs Pakowitz
Destination Orion

~~~~~~COME HUNGRY~~~~~~

There will be a gourmet food store at the event. It will be operating throughout the festival, catering for breakfast, lunch, dinner and early morning meals. The store will sell a variety of meals which will be suitable for meat eaters and vegetarians. Hot coffee and cold bottled water will be sold as well to keep everyone healthy and happy. The food will be delicious and affordable so bring cash along. Meal prices range between R30-R60.

~~~~~~What to bring~~~~~~
We would love everyone to contribute to this party. So please bring anything that you would like, and bring another one to share with someone.
-Tent & sleeping bag
-Swimming Costumes & Towel
-Awesome costumes
-Water Bottles

If you would like to help out in any way possible, or have any suggestions for us, please do let us know. We would really appreciate any advice or input. This is your party as well ;)

No Glass bottles (decant your drinks into plastic bottles). No under 18’s (ID on request). No Fires. No Fireworks. No Weapons. No Domestic Animals. No Independent sound systems. No Graffiti. No Bad Attitudes. No Illegal substances. The organizers accept no responsibility whatsoever for injury, death, loss or damage of any nature to persons, vehicles or belongings. This applies even to negligence of any kind by the promoters, venue and contractors. Due care has been taken to make this event safe and secure. All rights reserved. Right of admission reserved! Do not drink and drive.